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Article 76 of the constitution mentions that he/she is the highest law officer of India. As a chief legal advisor to the government of India, he advises the union government on all legal matters.

He also is the primary lawyer representing the Union Government in the Supreme Court of India. The Attorney General, like an Advocate General of a State, is not supposed to be a political appointee, in spirit, but this is not the case in practice.

President of India appoints a person who is qualified for the post of Supreme Court Judge. Attorney General is appointed by the President on the advice of the government. There are the following qualifications:

  1. He should be an Indian Citizen

  2. He must have either completed 5 years in High Court of any Indian state as a judge or 10 years in High Court as an advocate

  3. He may be an eminent jurist too, in the eye of the President

There is no fixed term for the Attorney General of India. The Constitution mentions no specified tenure of Attorney General. Similarly, the Constitution also does not mention the procedure and ground of his removal.

You may know the following facts about his office:

  1. He can be removed by the President at any time

  2. He can quit by submitting his resignation only to the President

  3. Since he is appointed by the President on the advice of the Council of Ministers, conventionally he is removed when the council is dissolved or replaced


Senior attorney Mukul Rohatgi will go back to be the Attorney General of India. He will become the 16h Attorney General for India after A-G KK Venugopal. As in keeping with reports, The time period of incumbent for A-G K K Venugopal will come to an end on September 30.

The Central Government approached Rohatgi for his 2nd stint as Attorney General of India, after the only he had from June 2014 to June 2017. Being the Attorney General for India, senior attorney Mukul Rohtagi will act as lead marketing consultant for the Indian Government. To be appointed by way of means of the President of India, A-G will take part and constitute in all of the complaints on behalf of the Government of India.

Personal Life

Mukul Rohatagi was born on 17 August, 1955 in the town of Mumbai. He is the son of former Delhi High Court Judge and Senior Advocate at Supreme Court of India Justice Awadh Behari Rohatagi.

Professional Career

Mukul Rohatgi is an Indian attorney and targeted senior counsel, who's taken into consideration amongst India’s pinnacle and 10 maximum influential and maximum luxurious attorneys. He formally joined the Bar Council of Delhi in 1978 and in 1994, he was appointed the Senior Counsel via the means of the Delhi High Court. The Indian authorities appointed him the Additional Solicitor General of India in November 1999 for 5 years. Later, he was appointed as the Attorney General of India below the NDA authorities from 19 June 2014 to 18 June 2017.

His paintings being Attorney General of India:

During his tenure Mukul has correctly defended the relevant authorities in pinnacle instances like triple talaq, faux come upon case of manipur, crook defamation, the National Judicial Appointments Commission, Aadhar case and more.

Advocate Rohatgi who additionally served as regulation officer all through the Atal Bihari Bajpayee authorities, has argued in protection of Gujarat authorities withinside the Supreme Court withinside the 2002 riots and faux come upon instances.

List of distinguished instances fought via way of means of Mukul Rohatgi in his profession are:

• The returning Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi has represented numerous excessive-profile instances. Like he made arguments for Anil Ambani withinside the Apex Court withinside the fuel line dispute among the 2 Ambani brothers.

• He additionally defended Jayalalithaa in corruption instances and large company names like Adanis and Robert Vadra withinside the 2G rip-off trial.

• Next in 2017, Rohatgi defended the authorities' demonetisation policy.

• Maharashtra authorities appointed him because the prosecutor chose the BH Loya demise probe at a whopping price of Rs.1.20 crore.

• During Lockdown, Senior Advocate Rohatgi represented the Bihar authorities withinside the Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide case.

• Soon to be Attorney General of India additionally fought for Facebook and Whatsapp in Delhi High courtroom docket. Simultaneously, he additionally represented former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh earlier than the Supreme Court in a petition filed to seek for an investigation into the allegations made via way of means of former Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh.

• Senior Advocate Rohatgi defended the makers of internet collection Tandav earlier than the Supreme Court.

• Alleged fraud case on B.S Yediyurappa turned into additionally challenged withinside the Supreme Court via way of means of him.

• In October 2021, Mr Rohatagi turned into appointed by way of means of bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan to shield his son Aryan Khan’s bail plea withinside the cruise deliver drug case.

• Rohatgi maximum currently represented Ashish Mishra, an accused withinside the Lakhimpur Kheri case, though the Allahabad High Court order denying him bail.

Awards & Achievements

Law Day Award: Mukul Rohatgi offered the Law Day Award via way of means of former high minister Manmohan Singh in 2008 for his “erudition and sizable revel in withinside the exercise of unflinching aid for the primary rights assured below the constitution.”

Top Influential Lawyer: Senior Advocate turned into one the various pinnacle 10 attorneys listing of India, suggested via way of means of Times of India.

Recognition: Rohatgi turned into regarded as a Notable Practitioner via the means of Chamber and Partners as additionally as a main Senior Counsel via the means of Legal 500.

Legal Eagle: He was featured as a ‘Legal Eagle’ withinside the e-book, Legal Eagles. This ebook is primarily based totally at the great 7 attorneys of India turned into posted in 2015.

Jurist: Later in 2018, he was appointed as an eminent jurist for the choice committee for anti-graft ombudsman Lokpal via means of the centre.

As in keeping with the constitution, President Draupadi Murmu will formally hire Mukul Rohatgi as the sixteenth Attorney General of India. He will start his adventure as sixteenth Attorney General of India from October 1,2022.

This article is written by Vihan Garg of Bharati vidhyapeeth, New Law College.

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