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In every developed legal system, is in the possession of, any agency of the year by the regulations of the respective rights and obligations of the citizens of the nation. In the early stages of the process, the courts have been guided by them, and their sense of justice. With the advent of society, and the court i.e. judges are the main source of law, and that judges decide cases according to it. Even at this early stage, the judges are performing several creative functions. The judges are, to a certain extent, dependent on their sense of right and wrong, concerning the interpretation and/or to fill a gap in the law that had been made by the legislation.

In simple terms, it is a case of a judgment of a court of law in India, which is often cited as an authority for deciding a similar set of facts and that can be used by the court of justice, as well as a source for future decision-making. Following the provisions of Article 141 of the Indian Constitution, "The law declared by Supreme court is binding on all courts within the territory of India." Sometimes, however, the opinion stated by a judge, it is not the law, and the punishment of the innocent party that leads to the occurrence of a miscarriage of justice is achieved, which is commonly known as a miscarriage of justice.

A miscarriage of justice is, in principle, the failure to achieve the goals of the justice system". In our society, every person is treated fairly, that legal institutions are built on the idea that in our legal system, it is a neutral and impartial, and that all human beings are equal in the eyes of the law." It is the land where you were born, what language we speak, the colour of our skin, to our family, should have no bearing on the outcome of the judicial system. All of these concepts are a part of the "due process" and, as it happens, in our society, and why there is still a miscarriage of justice? Our legal system is based on the belief that each person deserves the right to a fair trial. In theory, this is an ideal situation however; due to the nature of the error will always occur.

With the introduction of the DNA into the courtroom, which may be a very innocent people are wrongly convicted of a crime for over twenty years, and in Anderson's view, which allows the jury to ask questions, and engage in several studies in the statement of the evidence on which they based their belief, that, on the surface, this seems to be favourable for the outcome of the judicial system, and, in some cases, this is the result. However, the department of justice is going to face up to all of the people, and the corrupt side of the page. Unfortunately, this has been a part of human nature, and of the people who are in high positions, that is, are not immune to it.

Take note of these things, and the Supreme court in a historic judgment of 2016, and are treated with the old case, the case with the name of the RudulSah v. the state of Bihar and said that it is the innocent people who have been victims of bad research, and the trials and tribulations of an unlawful criminal prosecution, and there will be a charge for the member State concerned. The causes of a miscarriage of justice, maybe a knee-jerk decision of the court of justice, and in some cases, it is clearly in anticipation of a decision that must be made as a result of the negotiations concerning the offer of an incentive to get to the court before which the matter is, to account for the innocent as the guilty, and the bias in the research process, the officials, the evidence gathered by the police in connection with a criminal offense, is often the target of vandalism, criminal negligence, the judges are a part of it. So, a miscarriage of justice, it's a troublesome activity and that is to be exercised by the judiciary, or to the examination of the officers of the army, that is, the violation of human rights is to a great extent.

The chest of the judges may be incurred as a result of several variables, such as the poor or the wrong beliefs, wrong identification is applied to the DNA evidence to go to the police station and the look of the top. In the case of the parsaKente, Mines, Ltd. v. Rajasthan RajyaVidyutUtpadan Nigam Limited, however, in the long run, the leave of absence is granted, it was decided by the Supreme Court in a hurry and without much discussion. The goal was to be decided on to be heard through the summer holidays, the bank of the court of justice following the notice, May 9, 2018, was taken over by another bank, all of it. It is in the hold, as the court will not be able to conclude the matter, due to a lack of evidence.

Further, the court took the case on May 21, himself, after hearing the argument, one of the lawyers involved. In the statement, which to date is found on the next day. The verdict is handed down, without the consent of the counsel engaged in the case. With this move, the judge appeared to be ambiguous, as in the case of such importance that it is necessary to deal with before the specified date. Such a judgment is, therefore, considered to be one of the instances of a miscarriage of justice, so there's no need to be involved, and the court of justice's decision in a hurry and with a view of the clean-up of the issues of the day.

Similar to this case, in another case, in which the court has acted in the same way, M/s Adani Power (Mundra) Ltd. v.Gujarat, the Commission for regulation of Electricity and the most remote Regions. In this case, as well as, in the judgment of the district court, it is not possible to gain access to the data that had been collected, but a new date has not been set up by yourself. This makes it clear that the court would act as a bias in favor of one of the parties involved in the case. In both of these cases have been associated with Adani, Businesses, and other groups, and are given for the benefit of the group's business activities, the group made a profit of crores of rupees. In both the judgments and decisions, in an unfair and rushed way in which the non-observance of the rules of court. It is also possible that the court decided on the appropriate procedure under which the goods are to be carried out, it is joined with a large group and not a fair and equitable manner.

Take a cue from the cases in the international market, and the insight of a miscarriage of justice is not a new thing. The united states have been facing a lot of difficulties, for a long period, and, therefore, the decision has been taken based on Florida's bench, in the case of Florida v. George Zimmerman, who killed Trayvon Martin, an African-American teenager, by George Zimmerman, an American, was not a pleasant one, because of the growth of the current racial issues in the community, and was, therefore, declared to have suffered a miscarriage of justice.

In this case, the suspect was injured in the death of the plaintiff, and, therefore, claimed self-defence at his side. This has helped him to be found not guilty of the murder of the costs that would be incurred on it. Several Civil rights activists were against this decision until after it has been identified as a subjective assessment. On the court, it would not be such a bad thing, according to his point of view, however, is the fact that a teenage boy was killed without a good reason to be worried. These are replicas of the ones in the above section if the case reaches the court, and to be treated in the same way.

There are several other organs, which can result in a miscarriage of justice, even before the situation reaches the courts. Among them is the result of rape. Many times it happens, that is the leader of the rape and was forced to withdraw his / her application with the court, based on the pressure from society, friends, family, and politics. This is the grave of a miscarriage of justice by the courts on the grounds of a lack of support; the goal is to provide the patients and the occurrence of withdrawal of trade receivables, which are on the site. The oppression of black people by white people is a long-drawn and social struggle. The court, to promote gender equality and differences. The decision of The bench, in the case of Florida v. George Zimmerman, was found not to be the promotion of the disparities that exist in our society. It is always advised that the court, after the case, a decision is made based on reason, and for the sake of clarity, the lack of which will lead to a miscarriage of justice.

Rape is a very sensitive social issue, and in such a case, it is not difficult to prosecute because it's not a legislator in conjunction with any other woman. The police have claimed that even after the success of the investigation of the case, it's going to be the return is due to a defect in the court's involvement in this case. Followed by this, in the event of delays in the decision-making process of the courts, it is well-known in the whole of the country, because of the case of Mukesh&Anr v. State of NCT of Delhi &Ors), commonly known as the Nirbhaya’s case. In the ninth year of the event, and the victims will get justice when the court has ordered that the death penalty for therapists.

It is, however, not all of the rape, the resources, and the support as well as that of Nirbhaya's. This is reflected in the mesh about the system of the court which gives rise to a miscarriage of justice. The body, as has been mentioned above, has been done over the past five to ten years of age. The fact that they are mentioned is because it is a reflection of the country and the world as a whole, as it should be. Sometimes, the court has come to the rescue, the patient will be denied justice, they have continued to be silent, or to submit to the ministry of justice has been denied.

Challenges one face after being wrongly declared guilty

For the wrongly convicted, to live according to the discharge presents a host of problems. However, the sudden change in the personality of the new order is a criminal prisoner, prisoners, and when they return to the community. A lot of things, for example, the cars, the clothes, the culture, etc, to change the outside

In addition to the punishment for the crimes they have committed, the victims are going through the typical psychological adverse effects as a result of several years ' imprisonment, separation from loved ones, as well as a loss of autonomy.

In our criminal justice system, and to the survivors of the mistaken belief that it is in one of two ways. First of all, it is emotional, personal, private, given the fact that the person who has suffered imprisonment was the one who had been in prison for a crime he never committed. In the second place, the author of a false belief, and is sentenced to life in prison, a social hatred and persecution on the grounds of incompetence on the part of the criminal justice system.

That is why it is important to emphasize that these people are subjected to double jeopardy. This is based on the principle of Double jeopardy, which is derived from the common law rule of "can" pinfish, vexari," which means “don’t worry twice for the same offense.'

These are the victims of the State's debt is in jeopardy twice for the crime they have committed. Article 20 (2) of the Constitution of India, which states: "no person shall be prosecuted and punished for the same offense more than once." Even if these targets are not being charged twice for their durability in the direction of a society of hatred, it is no less than that of the prosecutor. In addition, the illegal detention of innocent persons in violation of the Right to freedom of expression, which is enshrined as a fundamental right under Part III of the Constitution.

No court wants to pass decisions, which may lead to a miscarriage of justice. This is not the case that the courts have a responsibility to ensure the delivery of a judgment, as it is filled with injustice, but it is also the study of the civil servants, which are before the case reaches the court. Miscarriage of justice, but is a place that must be avoided to allow for a transparent, affordable, and consistent delivery of justice by the courts. A few of the ways to implement the same are as follows;

(1) The Courts of Special Jurisdiction

Miscarriage of justice is a common phenomenon in the courts that are overloaded with cases, as well as the order in a hurry, to cut down the number of pending cases. If a decision is to be taken in a hurry, decision-making is bound to be the injustice of the natural world. To prevent the same, and the special tribunal has recommended setting up a couple of cases, and to ensure the speedy delivery of justice, and without any excuse. The special courts have been recommended to be set up in each district to control the execution of the malicious prosecution. The effect of the unjustly prosecuted to the injured person as a whole. The burden of proof to show that the malicious prosecution rests with the applicant.

The special courts will be equipped with an efficient system, in the form of the case, the method of payment of the clean-up costs, as well as a list of time limits for the consideration of a case, the statute of limitations for the filing of the application, it m.etc., etc, They are in a court of law to be a simpler, faster, and more flexible, as it is for the common people. This is a way to get it is also possible to control the activity of judges, who will be able to filter the miscarriage occurs. To claim the special courts shall be deemed to be for the parties involved in the case, a notice of the hearing of the appeal. After the trial of the case, and the appeals made by both sides, the court will make an award to you for all damages, monetary or non-monetary will be available to be given to a party to the case.

This is going to make all of the legal processes is easier for the parties and the court. The offer of compensation to the victim, the court must take into consideration several factors, of which some are listed below:

A). Financial background

B). The emotional damage suffered by the injured party

C). The damage to the health of the injured person, etc

2) Protection of Human Rights

Human rights are the basic rights of all its citizens, no matter what background they come from. Human rights, including the right to a trial, the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and freedom, can be regarded as the basic elements of the appearance of a miscarriage of justice occur. Article 6 of the Treaty on the protection of Human Rights, which guarantees the right of a free trial period, which is symbolic of the fact that every individual in it is considered to be presumed innocent until the contrary is proved. The liberty guaranteed by Article 5 of the convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Human Person. The term "free" means that the prosecution of anyone who's going to take place following the procedure and the person is held, need to be aware of the reasons as to why he was in the same situation.

Your access to the court within a certain period, and will also include a visit to freedom. Article 10 of the Treaty on Human Rights, about freedom of expression. This is a freedom that will help a person to gain access to other people who can help him out of the sample, or it can allow for a wider range of questions to the justice department, which is in the media. The Media may even turn out to be useful in the investigation of the case, it is the smallest of the mesh is the same proof, that the one party is to blame. Miscarriage of justice is tied to a situation in which the court has been reluctant to make a decision or come to a conclusion of the case. The protection of human rights can serve as a control to prevent such things from place to place, but the decision-making process on the issue, based on the court's discretion only. That's what most of the dishes, do the following, for the protection of human rights, which has been put in place to prevent the loss of public confidence in the system.

(3) The Principles of Natural justice

The principles of natural justice, it is an important regulator of the occurrence of a miscarriage of justice. A similar level of protection of human rights in the Indian Constitution and to the principles of natural justice in some of the provisions contained to protect the rights of citizens. For the miscarriages of justice that are taking place, there are, in general, the people who are affected the most. The principles of natural justice and to emphasize the variety of the articles of association, will be present, and that is why it is important to be kept in a reference to the efficient operation of the Constitution, the breach of which is paid to the arbitrary exercise of authority.

4) As a Curative petition

The curative petitions, these are petitions to act as the last constitutional resort, the compensation for the suffering that may be present in the court, after a review of the arguments that had been submitted to it, will be exhausted. It was in the case of Rupa Ashok Hurra V. Ashok Hurra and Others, in which the Supreme Court took it as a curative petition, for the first time to prevent the occurrence of a miscarriage of justice. The district court, in this case, held that the healing of the application can only be filed if the plaintiff in the case, it can be shown that there has been any breach of the principles of natural justice. Along with this, to demonstrate that the district court was unaware of the presence of a curative petition in the passing of the sentence was based on the application.

Although the curative petition will be taken into care, in exceptional cases, it can be found in the opening of the session of the court, and it is one of the tools that are used by the elimination of a miscarriage of justice occurs, along with the provision of the constraints in the case of the abuse of power by the courts. A curative petition is, in simple terms, it can be known as a secondary review by the European court of justice, on its own, to explain all of you. The power to make decisions for the detection of the binding is due to, based on Article 137 of the Constitution of India. The one who is suffering from one of the parties has the right to appeal the decision to the court of justice for a review of the decision, for the second year in a row, which was carried out by adhering to the rules laid down by the court of appeal.

5) The Court's assessment

Justice is in one of this jurisdiction of the courts of the regulation; the court must be able to verify the constitutionality of the features and functions of the legislative and executive wings of the government. It's true to say that a miscarriage of justice does not always take place based on the guidelines laid down by the court, but it can also be a result of the impact of the legislative and executive wings of the government. Several cases have occurred, showing that the influence of the executive power, and the by-laws framed by the legislature, and the judiciary is in the dilemma of which of the statement is to be explained. Proceed to the page, on the right hand, often do not follow the path of righteousness, and then it's going to lead to a miscarriage of justice.

To prevent to be the same, the court may order that the assertion of the power of judicial review as a check on the other wing of the government, and, instead of being, as they may be influenced independently of each other, the three organs of the government, depending on the purpose of the is to prevent the occurrence of a situation that might result in a miscarriage of justice.

Miscarriage of justice is not a welcome development, as it is a violation of human rights. Miscarriage of justice requires a good deal of the courts of the country. The purpose of the court's power to correct an injustice. Miscarriage of justice is to find out the purpose of the judicial branch, as this leads to injustice, on the part of the parties involved in the case. The judicial branch is to be aware of their duties and responsibilities; it's thanks to the citizens of the nation.

Therefore, there is a need for the supervision of the court, that is not the case. All of the court's power to her for her part has done a lot of the actions that have to do with the miscarriage of justice. Remedial techniques to be accepted by the courts to successfully carry out the purposes of the application of the law, and the protection of the innocent, by providing access to the justice system. It should not be forgotten that the court is guided by the light of several cases, the provision of justice to the people involved in the case. Sometimes it is not, however, for the trust and confidence that the courts have been built up over the centuries by the general public. The corrective measures and instruments for the process, to ensure that approved by the court, and, in turn, help to maintain the independence of the judicial system, and therefore, can function effectively in the right way.


I have taken the reference for this article from the following sources:






This article is written by Kalyani Goel of University of Allahabad.

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