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The Delhi Teachers University Bill has been passed by the Delhi Legislative Assembly with an aim to build a ‘world class teachers’ training university to offer programs such as Bachelor of Arts- Bachelor of Education (BA- BEd) and Bachelor of Science – Bachelor of Education (BSc- BEd)

The discussions regarding this Bill was in talks since December 2021 and later the final bill was welcomed by Deputy Chief Minister – Manish Sisodia on 3rd January 2022. This bill is finally approved by the Delhi Assembly.

Introduction of Delhi Teachers University Bill

The above mentioned Bill was introduced by the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia in the first day of the two days session who also has a strong education background himself. While having discussions regarding the bill, Mr. Sisodia pointed out that this University will set up an great example in teachers training and will also improve the quality of education.

He said that the university will play an important role in laying down the foundation for the standards for IIT, IIM which shall play a significant role in its unique curriculum. While mentioning the need of better university in Delhi, Sisodia stated that teachers are the main change makers in the upcoming Delhi education system.

He said that teachers who have got a global exposure by visiting many international universities, have completely changed the education system in Delhi. Now, it is the time for the same teachers to provide education of international standards to our students. Talented teachers in the country are not getting enough training facilities in our country which has been a sad reality for years. Delhi Teachers University will thus help in providing these facilities to the teachers to strengthen our education system.

Also this university will be the first university to meet up with the requirements of teacher training given under education policy.

Also along with regular programs, a one year diploma course shall be introduced for the professionals having passion for teaching but cannot purse the profession due to degree restrictions.

Delhi Teachers University Design

The university will have a long area of 12 acres in Bakkarwala village. The university will be comprised of lectures halls, digital labs and library with facilities for upto 5000 students. Mr. Sisodia also made a visit to the under construction campus of the university and also instructed officials to fasten the work so that the university shall start at the earliest.

Educational programs such as BA-BEd and BSc- BEd shall be offered to the young generation teachers. Students of the university will also make collaborations with Delhi Government to get hands-on experience on research. Through this University, students shall also get a real experience of the outside world which will help them to enrich their future.

Students shall also be provided with an opportunity to interact with teachers all over the world at the time of conferences and interactive sessions, and such sessions will be handled by expert panelists. The university will also make collaborations with national and international institutions to have a better understanding about effective methods of teaching.

Delhi Teachers University Bill benefits

1) This Bill shall improve the infrastructure of school and educational standards.

2) It shall also help in contributing to the teachers training so that they can be better equipped and skilled in teaching. It will also provide theoretical and practical experiences to the teachers.

DTU Bill budget – Earlier, the Delhi Government has provided the budget of 10 crore for the training institution which is now increased to 100 crore. Also, it is expected that teachers and principals of the schools shall be from top institutions in India and also abroad.

Significance and Conclusion

The Delhi Teachers University will thus act as a center of excellence and will prepare teachers for pre-service and in-service in fields of leadership, education and policies. It will also fill up the gap between the practice, policy and research in teacher preparation. It will also help in enhancing the quality of education in Delhi.

This article is written by Neha Bodas of ADV.BALASAHEB APTE COLLEGE OF LAW.

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