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Advancement in technology is a bane?

In today’s world technology has become an integral part of everyday life. It is something we start our day and continues even when we’ve fallen asleep. Modernisation and innovations are major cause of development of tech. The world is constantly thinking about evolving and advancing more in terms of tech and it is causing more harm than good to people and the environment.

A very famous theory of technological evolution given by Czech philosopher Radovan Richta differentiates and distinguishes the evolution of technology from the early development period of humans to the current world scenario. Emergence of technology was made possible by the rational faculty which paved the way for first stage. A tool was the first thing which was the first embodiment of technology. Later animal related tools such as plough, carts, etc. were used to lessen the physical task and increase the productivity. Second stage was the creation of machine; it was a substitute for all the elements of human efforts, requiring only the control of its function. Machines became widespread with the industrial revolution. The third and final stage is the automation. The automation is a machine that removes the elements of human control with an automatic algorithm.

As we know, we have been introduced to many more modern technologies like internet, mobile phones, computer programs, television, health care facilities, transportation vehicles, etc. which helps us living an easy led life. Today the technological advancement in the world is bringing tremendous effect to a person’s life which could have not been possible in the earlier period. The medical advancement is very improved and any disease can be identified easily with the proper equipment. Through mobile phones, computer programs and internet we could easily communicate with everyone and access any information. The advancement in transportation field is the most important development made so far, we’re able to travel overseas within few hours and we’ve even travelled to outer space and gained knowledge about the world. It wouldn’t have been possible if we haven’t had the genius minds. Technology has many advantages when we discuss about its existence but it has a lot of demerits.

Technology was born with the advancement of human mind to make things helpful and easier but as time passed things have taken some different turns in this modern era. We as a human started to completely rely on the technology, our minds are corrupted and technology is hardly a helpful tool but a dangerous weapon. To escalate our standard living style we have ruined our environment and the positivity of mind is reducing day by day. We don’t have much safety backup for any of the technological advancement. Technology has become a race rather than a mere utility and it is taking control over our basic lifestyle.

The threats which we possess from the devices and inventions around us are more than the number of inventions. Radiation, global warming, deforestation, extinction of species, floods, terrorism, etc. are some of the threat we possess from our own creations. Internet which was considered to be the most useful source to acquire knowledge and information, but the same internet is misused to steal data of a person, promote terrorism, bully someone through social media platform, addiction of social media, committing fraud, misleading a person, etc. The radiation caused by it is dangerous to many living being and various cases have been registered but the demand of the technology doesn’t decrease. The biomedical field, companies and factories who claim that they can change the world and bring fruitful results have ruined the water bodies, land, and air by dumping their wastes. The condition is becoming a matter of concern day by day but the race to production is hardly focusing on the ecological aspect. The environmental laws are the ones which are mostly violated and people are unaware about it.

Every new technology we bring into existence is taking something from us. We do have environmental laws, cyber laws, laws related to technology, campaigns to save environment, etc. but the light to those aspects is very less when compared to other issues of the society. Advancing in technology can help us in so many ways but is it worth it. Is technological advantage a boon or bane?

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