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Introduction to Contract Drafting


Rs. 1399 (inclusive of GST)


5 Weeks

About the Course

Week- 1


In this week we will introduces you to what is Drafting. This module gets you started on the path to understanding the topic. In this module you’ll learn Essentials of Drafting, Legal Implications, Importance of agreement, Commercial Agreement, Steps for drafting document, Points to be kept in mind while drafting, Structure of Agreement, Core legal drafting essentials, Important clauses in a commercial contract.

Week- 2

Concepts and basics

In this week we will teach you the meaning of Document, will define what is an Agreement. In this week you’ll learn about validity of Agreement, what is a contract, essentials of valid contract, difference between Agreement and Contract. This week will provide you an overview of Indian Contract Act 1872. Furthermore, you’ll learn remedies for breach of contract, provision of stamping, and language of document.

Week- 3

Common drafts/Agreements

In this week we will introduce you about types of agreement, you’ll learn about standard form of agreement. You’ll learn about various common drafts/Agreements such as Recruitment sites- privacy notice, websites and its usage terms and condition, Employment agreement, Auction sales, Agreement to retain attorney, research websites.

Week- 4

Additional- know more

In this week you’ll learn about United Nations Convention on Contracts. In this week we will also introduce you about ADR- Alternate Dispute Resolution, provide you with sample clauses ADR included in contract- with reasoning. You’ll learn about E- contracts. We will also discuss various Judicial decisions, will define oral agreements, you’ll also learn about Non-Disclosure Agreements with sample.

Who is this course for?

·         For this course, you must be fluent in both reading and writing English.

·         Law students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

·         lawyers who wish to increase their earning potential but are not making enough money.

·         Non-lawyers who desire to understand the law so they can advance their careers.

·         Business owners, and HR managers who want to learn the fundamentals of contracts and how they are written.


Exclusive Benefits:

·         Live learning

·         Self-paced and entirely online. (With an exemption to the live sessions. In addition, the live sessions' recordings are accessible.)

·         Q&A round with the instructors

·         Structured learning

·         Community & Networking

·         Practice tests

·         Real world assignments and feedbacks by experts

·         Course accessible for 1 Year

·         Get certified


Add-on Benefits:

·         Obtain preferred internship positions with our partner organizations (for those who are the top performers of each batch).

·         A chance to get published on Legal-lore.

·         Chance to secure paid internship opportunity at Legal-lore.

·         An opportunity to mentor future batches of students, academicians, and practitioners (this is a paid, part-time, work-from-home position at Legal-lore).

Access to webinars.

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